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About CutFJ’s Slice Division

While we here at CutFJ are best known for our expertly crafted fine jewelry, our Slice division focuses exclusively on the most exclusive EDC friendly, tactical, and production knives. Dedicated to the same high-caliber quality standards as our jewelry division, Slice is proud to offer some of the most sought-after high-end customs knives available.


Our Products

Whether you are an avid fine knife collector or a tactical knife user, we offer knives crafted from some of the finest materials available including Damascus, damasteel, mokuti, zircuti, timascus, zirconium, carbon fiber, wood, and titanium. Through our unique relationships with some of the finest craftsmen in the knife making community, our clients can purchase a custom knife made to their exact specifications in just a few months.

Along with our handmade and folding knives, we also have a variety of mid-tech and production knives. These high-quality knives start at $110 from manufacturers such as Benchmade, Todd Begg Designs, and Shirogorov Knives, and many others.



In addition to these practical knives, we are also proud to offer consignment services to help sell knives from your collection. Consignment knives are mostly limited to full custom knives but we consider all opportunities on a case by case basis. Interested in consigning a full dress custom knife from your personal collection? Feel free to contact us with a detailed description of your piece (or pieces) and several clear images via email: After evaluating your items, we will follow-up with more details on our consignment process and pricing information.



Already a fan of Slice’s handmade and folding knives, custom blades, and EDC gear? Check out our merchandise to share your great taste with the world! We offer one-of-a-kind t-shirts and hats that allow you to show your appreciation for convenient everyday carry items.

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For a top-of-the-line custom knife catered specifically to your style and needs, feel free to browse our custom products online or contact us today at (225) 242-9942 with any questions or concerns you may have about our items.