SliceFK Consignment

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Looking to sell your custom knives?

Read the full terms and details below for our consignment program to list your custom knives for sale. 

  • We will consign knives from both collectors and knife makers.
  • Standard commission rate is 25% and is to be based off the final selling price. If you wish to consign a large portion of or an entire collection (10+ pieces), bulk rates are considered on a case by case basis, please call or email us for more details.
  • If funds held by SliceFK are used to purchase a knife from our SliceFK will reduce our commission to 20%.
  • Client has the option of setting the listing price and we will consult with you on this if you prefer.
  • SliceFK will cover shipping and payment processing fees from our commission on all purchases.
  • Knives must be in our possession to be listed and we prefer that they be in mint condition when possible. We can sometimes assist in getting your knife serviced or ready for sale for a fee.
  • SliceFK will store your knives in our showroom vault that is climate and humidity controlled. SliceFK is in no way responsible for any damage that may come as a result of knives being shipped to us, while in our possession, or being returned to you, and by sending your knives to us you agree to these stated terms.
  • Knives should be shipped with anything they originally came with from the maker, including but not limited to: maker specific cases/pouches, COAs, patches, stickers, etc.
  • Please be sure to include your personal information in the package with the knives. This includes your full name, shipping address, phone number, and email address.
  • All knives should be shipped to:


Attn: Matthew

9844 Jefferson Hwy.

Ste. 101

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Ph. 225-242-9942

  • We DO NOT recommend shipping knives to us using USPS as it is not a reliable carrier in our service area and delays getting to us are common. We highly recommend UPS as the first choice and FedEx as a second. Use USPS at your own discretion as we will not aid in helping to retrieve a package that is not delivered to us.
  • Consignment listings are to be left for a minimum of 90 days live on the website. If they are requested to be removed prior to this time period each knife removed may be subject to a handling fee.
  • SliceFK will photograph, create descriptions, send to our email list of over 2,000 collectors, list to our website, handle all inquiries, present you all offers, handle all payments, and shipping including international transactions.
  • Payouts are settled once per month unless otherwise discussed, and typically processed on the last Friday of each month (this can vary and is not exact.). We typically pay by check but can pay by wire transfer as well for a $50 fee. Lost/misplaced checks are subject to a $50 stop payment and reissuing fee.
  • If knives are returned to you, you are responsible for return shipping.

Click here to check out all of the current custom knives available for sale.