Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

There are different cuts of diamond to choose from on the market today, each with its own strong suit. Each cut has a unique perk, but which cuts give the best brilliance among all the available cuts? In simpler words, which cut is top of the list of the diamond's sparkling hierarchy?

To quickly answer the question, round brilliant cut diamonds have the most sparkle out of the common diamond cuts that we see today.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The brilliant round cut diamonds are one of the most common shapes you will find in most jewelry. Notably, they are primarily used in engagement rings, giving a unique sparkling effect. With its 56 facets, all the aspects are positioned to capture and reflect light more perfectly than any other diamond cut would.

Observing round brilliant cut diamonds under high magnification, it shows octagon shapes and sides at angles of 11 and 12. The sharp angles enhance the sparkling and brilliance when light reflects off them.

How To Differentiate Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Qualities

It can be frustrating to differentiate round brilliant cut diamonds from mediocre ones. Here are easy ways to differentiate them:

Round Vs. Princess

Depending on personal preferences, there is a wide range of diamond cuts, ranging from simple to extravagant.

  • Round Cut: Widely popular round cuts are classic cuts that are high-quality stones; this makes them highly costly.
  • Princess-Cut: Are a feature of square diamonds with smooth corners. They are perfect substitutes for round-cut diamonds for anyone with a lower budget and whoever doesn't like round cuts.

Notably, both cuts have a sparkling effect that everyone will love with their own eyes.

Princess Vs. Emerald

The carat weight is the main difference between the princess and Emerald cuts. Longer stones will have a tremendous sparkling effect. Therefore, emerald cuts will be more preferred in:

  • Engagement rings
  • Pendants
  • Large diamonds

In simpler terms, anyone looking for something under five carats should choose princess cuts, anything above; emerald cuts. In exception, most people will prefer square-shaped emeralds on larger diamonds.

Do Round-Cut Diamonds Shine Brightest?

Round cut diamonds are extremely impressive, making them well-prized for their brilliant sparkling ability. However, over recent years, some other cuts have emerged as pretty dazzling. For example, an emerald-cut diamond has fewer facets than a round stone of comparable size; it has more brilliance per carat.

Where To Get A Jewelry With A Sparkling Diamond Cut?

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