What Is The Best Cut For Moissanite?

Moissanite cuts were established years ago to find ideal angles of light refraction through the moissanite. Besides, well-shaped moissanite cuts tend to sparkle more and present a lively stone for a perfect ring. But which is the best cut for moissanite? Here are some shapes for moissanite you may want to consider.

Different Moissanite Cuts

Round Brilliant Moissanite

The round brilliant moissanite is one of the most popular shapes, comprising 58 brilliant facets to maximize light reflecting from the stone. It is a classic and stylish moissanite cut that works best with various moissanite jewelry styles.

Square Cut Moissanite

If you prefer diamond stones, square-cut moissanite presents a perfect shape for someone looking for a luminous, durable, and classic look. The cut is faceted to maximize its one-off and unraveled sparkle as well as eye-catching, while featuring a good shimmering effect.

Oval-Cut Moissanite

This moissanite cut has an oval-cut symmetry that makes it a solitaire, featuring comparable curves similar to round-shaped stones. The brilliant sparkle with 70 facets gives this shape its dazzling look and timeless beauty. The elongated oval shape makes the fingers appear longer and slender, besides being stellar in a modern or vintage setting.

Emerald Cut Moissanite

The emerald cut dates back to the 1920s and displays clarity and color like no other. This emerald-cut moissanite features a rectangular shape with longer step-cut edges, featuring 46 clear facets. Although it lacks sparkle, the emerald-cut moissanite has excellent fire and brilliance for a perfect stone.

Cushion-Cut Moissanite

With 82 distinguished facets, the cushion cut moissanite looks like a square or rectangular cut but with truncated edges. It is also referred to as a pillow cut and another popular moissanite cut, featuring a perfect mix of square and round cut with an enhanced sparkle and enlarged facets.

Pear-Cut Moissanite

The pear-cut moissanite is similar to the oval-shaped moissanite but considered old-fashioned. This beautiful shape is very versatile and suits different ring styles. With 72 facets, the pear-cut moissanite is highly brilliant, set in a contemporary or vintage setting.

Radiant Cut Moissanite

Henry Grossbard developed the first radiant stone in 1977 that combines brilliant round and emerald-cut moissanite cuts. It features 54 facets, giving it an elongated shape and exceptional brilliance, but with truncated edges. The cut is ideal for a classic look, especially with its enhanced sparkle and lots of fire.

Marquise Cut Moissanite

This is a vintage moissanite cut and a trendy shape that has been around for centuries. The marquise cut moissanite was first shaped in the 1700s as a tribute to the Marquise de Pompadour by French king Louis XIV. It features 54 brilliant facets, and the shape makes the stone look larger, giving your bride-to-be a sense of elongated fingers.

Heart Cut Moissanite

The heart cut is one of the most feminine and romantic moissanite cuts with 58 facets, perfect for a dainty ring. It is the most intricate shape to design, as it requires exacting precision from a professional. Although it is not popular nowadays, the heart shape remains unique and ideal for that eternal romantic.

Which Is The Best Moissanite Cut?

Each moissanite shape has its share of pros and cons, with facets ranging from 48 to 82, depending on your preferred choice. Regarding popularity, the round cut moissanite is the most sought, while the heart cut moissanite is challenging to find today. When it comes to which is the best moissanite shape, it all depends on what you desire. However, the round brilliant moissanite cut can be the perfect choice if you're unsure about what you want.

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