What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

Every diamond is unique because it has different inclusions or differently sized cracks, giving it an interesting look. Salt and pepper diamonds look very different from typical diamonds as they have an inky black and beautifully pure white contrasting inside them.

Choosing a salt and pepper diamond ring means choosing a completely one of a kind ring. That said, there are factors to consider when purchasing a salt and pepper diamond ring. Let's discuss what you need to consider before buying one.

How Salt and Pepper Diamonds Got Their Looks

Salt and pepper diamonds are exceptional because they feature a unique look created by the inclusions that make up a single crystal. What makes these particular inclusions different? All diamonds have them, and yet, for salt and pepper diamonds, there isn't any one particular inclusion responsible for its appearance.

Different types of inclusions can create an endless variety of looks. Salt and pepper diamonds can go from absolutely dark to light or dark gray, or sometimes they might be medium and opaque. Sometimes salt and pepper diamonds ironically come with green, orange, or red colors.

However, these inclusions need to be prominent in appearance for a diamond to be considered a salt and pepper diamond.

Consider The 4Cs of a Salt and Pepper Diamond

Diamonds are often judged for quality by looking at four key criteria: Cut, carat, clarity, and color. Salt and pepper diamonds are often valued based on the inclusions within the gemstone because they provide a striking appearance.

If you're looking for a salt and pepper diamond, though, the Four C's work differently. Salt and peppers are mainly judged on their inclusions, not so much on the simplicity of the 4Cs. A lot of colorless diamonds are thought of as perfect based solely on their lack of inclusions, but salt and pepper stones will be seen as imperfectly perfect for the opposite reason.

Durability of The Salt and Pepper Diamond

Most salt and pepper diamonds contain large inclusions, which can affect the stability and durability of the stone. However, with trustworthy jewelers from Cut Fine Jewelers, buyers can ensure that a diamond has the necessary features to meet obsessive standards.

The considerations for selecting a durable stone include metal setting, metal color, and hardness. Salt and pepper diamonds are perfect for all metallic colors, including gold and rose gold. If you want to be extra careful about protecting your purchase, a bezel or halo setting is best.

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