What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

When shopping for an engagement ring for your wife-to-be, chances of coming across radiant cut diamonds are high. However, with the many diamond varieties on the market today, you're likely to be confused about the ideal pick. This shouldn't be a cause for alarm, because by the time you are through with this piece, you'll have gone through everything you need to know about diamonds, and more importantly, radiant cut diamonds.

What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

If you're keen on the features of a Radiant Cut Diamond, you will not fail to notice its brilliant-cut square pattern and the many facets on its pavilion and crown. Each facet of this diamond has unique precision, giving it a brilliant and fiery appeal. 

History Of The Radiant Cut

The radiant diamond cut was designed in 1977 by a New York diamond cutter, Henry Grossbard. He combined the best qualities of emerald and round brilliant-cut diamonds. Henry's original radiant cut had 70 facets that he later reduced to 66. Radiant diamonds are considered modern fancy cuts, which have dominated the diamond cut arena since 1940.

Unique Characteristics of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Various features make radiant cut diamonds unique and distinguish them from other varieties of diamond. The features include:


Radiant cut diamonds are popular for appearing larger than other diamond varieties with a similar carat weight, which enhances their presence.


Radiant cuts are often compared to other square-cut varieties of diamonds, particularly the princess cut diamond. However, diamond cuts are more durable thanks to their beveled corners that prevent them from chipping easily.


A large quantity of original diamond is utilized in the cutting process compared to other diamond varieties, meaning that the final cost will be low. Ultimately, this makes the diamond more affordable. 

Why You Should Choose Radiant Cuts

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the radiant cut's brilliance, elegance, and fiery appeal. The rectangular facets enable the diamond to draw in light, which acts as a reflector. Its simplicity makes it more endearing, as it makes you look less complicated and yet stylish. If you're searching for an outstanding diamond for your jewelry or ring, the radiant cut diamond is worth your consideration. Contact Cut Fine Jewelers today for a free consultation on diamond varieties.