What is a Halo Engagement Ring?


What is a Halo Engagement Ring? 💍 

If you are looking for an engagement ring with maximum sparkle, this style might be for you! A halo engagement ring features a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond (or any gemstone of your choosing!).

Unlike a solitaire engagement ring that showcases a single diamond, the halo engagement ring style pulls out all the stops to shine. This style can accommodate any diamond shape— working well with everything from heart to pear to emerald shape stones! Halos even flatter three-stone engagement rings, adding a dazzling effect we can't get enough of.

Halo engagement rings are perfect for brides looking for a romantic, sparkling look. This budget-friendly engagement ring style is perfect for anyone wanting to maximize their center diamond— even making it appear a much larger carat size than it actually is. 

If you are attracted to styles with maximum sparkle and a classic appeal, we invite you to explore a few of our favorite halo engagement rings. 


Craft Your Perfect Halo With Custom Design

Custom engagement rings are our specialty. When you cannot find the perfect ring, sometimes you just have to build it from scratch. Learn about our custom jewelry design process here





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