What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

A cushion cut diamond may be one of the most iconic and popular shapes of diamond ever. This classic cut has been around for nearly 200 years and showcases a distinct pattern of facets that sparkle brilliantly in any light. Because of its traditional angles and antique feel, many people are attracted to this gorgeous cut. What exactly makes a cushion cut diamond so special?

History of the Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond is actually one of the oldest cuts of diamond known as the "Old Mine Cut." Beginning in the 1700s, old mine cut diamonds were cut by hand with 58 facets and featured a squarish shape with soft, curved edges. Old mine cut diamonds were originally proportioned to enhance a diamond's sparkle under candlelight. 

The term old mine cut was originally used to indicate that a diamond was sourced from mines in Brazil or India. By the late 1800s, diamonds of better color quality began to come out of African mines. The popularity of old mine cuts continued well into the 1920s when refinements to the cut began to boost its appeal even more.

Anatomy of the Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds feature a square or rectangle-like shape with round edges that give the diamond a unique and timeless appearance. The soft shape resembles a pillow, leading to its moniker. The advancement of new cutting tools and different styles of faceting has slightly transformed the old mine cut into today's version known as the cushion cut.

In modern cushion cuts, the upper part of the diamond known as the crown is slightly lower and features a larger table facet. Having a larger table means imperfections may be more visible, so cushion cuts work best with diamonds that have little to no inclusions. 

Today's cushion cuts may also feature an additional row of lower girdle facets in the pavilion or underside of the diamond. One such modern pattern of pavilion faceting is known as "Crushed-Ice" and produces more fire in the look of the diamond. These improvements allow modern cushion cut diamonds to reflect light better, resulting in more glistening radiance. 

Benefits of the Cushion Cut

If you're shopping for a timeless diamond, consider the classic cushion cut. Its historical significance mixed with its contemporary enhancements ensure a vintage feel with modern brilliance. The slightly rounded edges of a cushion cut diamond also make it more durable. Compared to their round cut counterparts, cushion cut diamonds also tend to be less expensive which can be a huge benefit to many diamond buyers. 

A cushion cut diamond is a stunning choice for anyone looking to invest in an elegant diamond that touches on both the modern and the vintage. Whether it comes to locating your own cushion cut diamond or choosing the perfect setting for one, be sure to contact the experts at Cut Fine Jewelers