What Hand Do Engagement Rings Go On?

Hello, friend! Let's have a chat about a sparkling topic that can cause a bit of confusion - which hand do you wear your engagement ring on? Here at Cut Fine Jewelers, we believe each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. An engagement ring is more than just a gorgeous piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of love, commitment, and the start of a beautiful journey.

Historical Background of Engagement Rings

Did you know that the tradition of wearing engagement rings dates back to ancient Rome? The Romans believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart, hence the placement of the engagement ring on that finger. Over the centuries, cultural variations have come into play, making this tradition-rich in its diversity.

Which Hand to Wear Your Engagement Ring On

Different countries have different traditions when it comes to the hand that sports the engagement ring.

  • Left-hand traditions: In countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, the tradition is to wear the engagement ring on the left hand. This is largely influenced by ancient Roman beliefs.
  • Right-hand traditions: On the other hand (pun intended), countries such as Russia, India, and Greece usually place the engagement ring on the right hand. This often stems from religious or cultural beliefs.

These traditions are not set in stone. The modern world allows for flexibility and personal choice.

Other Factors Influencing Which Hand the Ring is Worn

There are several other factors you may consider when deciding on which hand to wear your engagement ring. It might come down to personal preference or professional considerations - for example, if you're left-handed, you might choose to wear your ring on your right hand to avoid damaging it. Cultural heritage or family tradition might also play a role. Or maybe it's as simple as what feels most practical and comfortable for you.

Engagement Ring Etiquette

Wearing an engagement ring isn't just about tradition; there's also a bit of etiquette involved.

  • During the wedding: Typically, during the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is moved to the right hand to make room for the wedding band.
  • With the wedding band: After the ceremony, the engagement ring is moved back to the left hand, and worn above the wedding band to keep it close to the heart.
  • After the wedding: Post-wedding, it's up to you whether you want to wear your engagement ring on a daily basis or save it for special occasions. There's no right or wrong choice here - it's all about what suits your lifestyle and personal style best.


In the end, the hand you choose to wear your engagement ring on is a personal choice. It's the love, commitment, and promise of a future together that your engagement ring represents that truly matters. Whether it's a brilliantly cut diamond or a uniquely crafted custom design, at Cut Fine Jewelers, we celebrate the significance of each ring, beyond which hand it is worn.

Feeling inspired to start your own unique engagement ring journey? We invite you to book an appointment with us. Our experts would love to guide you through our eco-friendly and sustainable process and help you find or create a ring that's just as unique as your love story.