What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean?

If you have ever encountered or seen someone wearing a black wedding band, you might have gotten curious about whether there is a special purpose or meaning behind it. Even though many people view black as something that is worn mostly at funerals or other solemn occasions, the same cannot be said for wedding bands.

Here are some of the many meanings that are behind black wedding bands:

Fashion Statement

In the world of style and fashion, the black color gives some flair and elegance to your outfit. Some couples choose back rings due to their complementary shade, which matches almost any outfit. Black wedding bands are commonly often basic in style, making them perfect as an accent piece for more bold dresses.

Practical Solution

There are many cases where women and men opt for black wedding bands because of their practicality. This is the common option for people whose lifestyle or jobs can damage their rings. For example, if one is a crane operator, manual laborer, or construction worker, the black wedding band can make a lot of sense.

Political Statement

Certain organizations and people wear black rings to make a political statement. Some use them as a technique to help them promote marriage equality. For this reason, many of them wearing black wedding bands typically have the word equality painted or engraved on them.


From ancient times, wearing black wedding bands has been periodically passed down through numerous generations because of its lengthy history. Wedding black onyx or quartz rings are sometimes seen as a significant element of a family tradition. They might have been used to promote family pride and enhance one's connection to their forefathers. Black wedding bands are also a method of displaying status or money.

The Symbolism Of The Black Color

Black may signify courage, power, conviction, or belief. In relation to marriage, the black band symbolizes the power of love. Wearing a black band shows that a couple is dedicated to their marriage, and they believe in the strength of their union

Final Thoughts

Black wedding bands have become more popular and are quickly replacing traditional colors like silver and gold.

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