What Are Men's Wedding Bands Made Of?

Have you ever wondered what men’s wedding bands are made of? You might be surprised to learn that men’s wedding bands can be made of any metal, just like women’s wedding rings. Although some metals are better suited for men than other metals, essentially a band can be made out of whatever metal a man prefers including gold, silver, tungsten, titanium, and many others! 

What is the difference between metals? 

One of the main differences that men look for is how durable the metal is, especially if the man has a job where he has to use his hands a lot. Some metals are stronger than others, making them heavier, but some strong metals can also be lightweight. Other metals are difficult to resize while others might be too expensive for you. Finding the right metal for your band is an entire process and you should make the decision on what metal to purchase carefully and thoughtfully.


Gold, for example, is not very durable although it is the most common material that is chosen for men’s wedding bands. It scratches easily and can also bend very easily. 


Platinum, on the other hand, is stronger and heavier than gold and because it doesn’t tarnish, it can actually last for a pretty long time. 


Titanium is one of the hardest metals available and because of that, it doesn’t scratch or damage. On the contrary, because it is so strong, it is difficult to have this ring resized. 


Cobalt is one of the more durable and affordable metals you can find for men’s wedding bands. It is very hard so it can withstand a lot of wear but is also very lightweight making it very comfortable to wear. Although it is pretty resistant, cobalt can still be scratched. 


Tungsten is much harder and stronger than other metals which makes it extremely scratch resistant. That means it is also quite heavy as well, and because of that, it is more likely to break if it is dropped. 


Plenty of men’s wedding bands are now made of rubber, which makes them extremely resistant to pretty much any scratches.

How to choose the right men’s wedding band?

Choosing the perfect band will depend on what type of activities you complete. For example, if you use your hands a lot doing activities such as lifting weights, the rubber wedding band has become increasingly popular. If you prefer a wedding band that is stylish, you might want to stick with gold. 

Choosing a wedding band is a lifelong commitment. Take your time analyzing what metal is the best one for you so that you can choose one that will last forever.