The Truth About Showering with Your Diamond Ring

Congratulations! You've recently acquired your dream engagement ring from that special someone, and now you want to keep your diamonds sparkling brightly forever. If you're like most newly-engaged people you'll never want to let that ring out of your sight, let alone off your finger. So you may ask yourself, "Can I shower while wearing my diamond ring?" Consider these facts before your next shower.

Risk of Slipping Off

The shower can be a dangerous place for a valuable piece of jewelry. Just imagine that your fingers are lathered up nicely in a sudsy soap and—oops! Your ring is at risk of slipping off your finger only to fall down the drain and possibly be lost forever. You'll feel much safer if you remove your ring first and keep it in a safe place while you soap up.

Soap & Oil Residue

Repeated exposure to certain kinds of heavily fragranced or oily soaps can cause a build-up of residue around your diamond diminishing its shine. This also applies to scented lotions and creams. Such a film will make your diamond look dull and can be hard to remove, especially once it has collected over time in the setting or behind the diamond.  Play it smart and keep your stone looking brilliant by putting it back on after your shower routine.

Exfoliation Damage

While your skin may thank you for a nice exfoliating scrub, your diamonds and precious metals may end up the worse for wear as a result. Exfoliants can cause microscopic damage to soft surfaces like gold and even scratch the hard surface of the diamond itself. Unfortunately, even a professional cleaning cannot repair this kind of recurrent wear and tear.  

Ultimately, it is a bad idea to wear your diamond engagement ring in the shower. Stepping into the shower once or twice while wearing it won't destroy your glittering symbol of love. However, if you make a habit of it you'll risk dullness, damage, and possible loss. Finding a safe place to stow your diamonds while you shower means you can enjoy a clean and brilliant engagement ring forever.

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