Lab Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

There is no commitment, quite as important as asking your beloved to spend the rest of their life with you. Before you pop the question, though, you have to be prepared. That means finding the perfect ring. Should it be lab-grown or real? That's where we come in,  you may not know the difference yet, but by the end of this, you will walk away knowing which is just right for your needs. And just right to sweep away your sweetheart. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Jewelers have begun to craft diamonds in laboratories by recreating conditions found in nature, which form diamonds after billions of years of intense heat and pressure.  The results have been stunning mimic of real diamonds with virtually identical color, clarity, cuts, and status.


  • Cost: Synthetic diamonds are  30 or more percent cheaper on average for the same cut or style
  • Identification: The US Federal Trade Commission acknowledges that lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds due to similar chemical structures.
  • Clarity: Lab diamonds look identical to natural diamonds to the average eye. They offer the same color variations, clarity, and sparkle. 
  • Style: It can come in the same shape and colors as any real diamond.


  • The key disadvantage to lab-grown diamonds is the decline in resale value. If there ever comes a time to sell the diamond, the promise of an increase in value is minimal. The growing increase in the supply of synthetic diamonds means the demand for them will not be on the rise. 

Natural Diamonds

Natural or real diamonds are a timeless beauty; their rarity has driven an increase in demand year over year.  


  • Natural diamonds will provide a sustained value for many years.
  • Come in clear or a variety of colors.
  • Come in all standard shapes, including round, princess cut, oval, and other popular shapes.


  •  More costly upfront, generally 30 percent higher cost than lab-grown diamonds.

Which diamond is the best choice?

Ultimately it comes down to the best fit for your own needs. With the identical look of a real diamond, the lab-grown diamond is a safe bet for a more economical option. If you are more of an investor, a real diamond will retain its value for many years, unlike its synthetic counterpart.   Whichever diamond you choose will make you a happy man if your darling says I do.