How To Choose A Men’s Wedding Band

Are you looking for a wedding band for your wedding? First of all, congratulations. Choosing a wedding band can be overwhelming due to the available styles, metal types, shapes, colors, and ring finish. Moreover, a wedding ring is something you wear forever. Here are tips for your selection:


It may be a critical determining factor. Therefore, as you plan for your wedding, allocate a flexible budget to increase your options. Types of metal and style affect the price of the ring.


The average width for the men's band is 6mm. Men with skinnier hands prefer narrow bands, usually 9mm and below. They limit the addition of accent stones; they are small, light, and best for those who do not like wearing jewelry. In contrast, men with larger hands should wear wider bands, 9mm and above. The jeweler can make them with accent stones and various shapes and metals to stand out, and you are unlikely to lose them like the narrow ones.


There are a variety of styles. The most popular style is the classic style with a smooth all-metal band. Another unique one is the traditional curved style which is the most comfortable for its curved sides. You can do the addition of a diamond for a diamond style or gemstone for gemstone style to bring out personality to your ring.


The most common shape is the classic one that has increased comfort, just like the beveled one with a flat shape and three facets, making it slightly rounded. For a fit look, the flat shape with a flat interior and exterior of the domed shape with a rounded exterior and the flat interior is for you. For other unique shapes, you should consider the coin shape with a grooved pattern around its edge or the knife-edge shape with a flat interior and V-shaped exterior.

Type Of Metal

The most durable metal is platinum, while the rarest is palladium. Platinum and titanium are best for people working or doing aggressive activities. While white gold is rhodium plated in gold and rose gold is gold alloyed with other metals, yellow gold is a natural gold-colored metal. The white gold, however, requires replating in a decade or so. Lastly, stainless steel metals require little maintenance.

Type Of Finish 

The most popular finish is the high polish that gives bands a reflective shine and best hides irregularities. Satin is polished, too, but it has an understated look from non-reflective polish. The brushed finish is like a satin finish but with brush strokes. For a low shine, subtle look, choose the matte finish. If you are looking for an exaggerated finish, pick the sun-blasted, which has a unique frosted texture, or the hammered finish with noticeable dimples or dents texture. You may also get creative and pick a combination of the polishes.

Type Of Fit 

The fit of choice may be the comfort fit, ideal for swollen hands or large knuckles, with rounded edges for comfort and a looser fit. You may also pick rings with a flat interior that have a standard fit and are firmer but less comfortable.

Find Out Your Size 

With all the above things considered, the final step is to visit a shop with a Jewelry Specialist for fitting. Decide after seeing how it looks and feels on your hand.

Wedding bands come in various designs, sizes, metals, and finishes at Cut Fine Jewelers. Additionally, we have a jewelry expert that can provide the appropriate knowledge about the various wedding bands. Contact us right away!