Guide to The Perfect Ring Selfie

He popped the question, you said yes, and now you can't stop staring at your gorgeous ring! Once you've told your family and closest friends, the next step is taking the perfect ring selfie. This is the shot your friends will love to revisit over and over again as they share this exciting time with you. For many, the ring selfie has replaced the traditional method of calling to tell the good news.

If you plan on celebrating your engagement with a ring selfie, we've gathered the very best tips to do it right and enhance the natural beauty of your diamond to achieve a stunning, true-to-life engagement ring selfie.

Guide to The Perfect Ring Selfie 💍

Get it just right

It all starts with the hand! A little hand lotion and a manicure can go a long way in making your hands look their best for their close-up. If you're planning on getting engaged soon, consider staying away from trendy nail art and choosing a more timeless look that wouldn't distract from an engagement ring.

The perfect angle

Regardless of the actual size of your center diamond, certain angles and setups can change the appearance of its size. In most cases, we recommend taking a top-down shot of your ring. This shot is called a “table view”, and it will give the most accurate impression of the diamond’s size.

In most cases, side-view photos of an engagement ring can be totally misleading. For instance, a large diamond ring that sits low on the finger will look tiny in a side-view image, where capturing it from a table view will help show its true size.

Bonus tip: remove all other jewelry and accessories from your hand and wrist before snapping a selfie to truly let your engagement ring shine. The shapes and sizes of your other jewelry, especially larger watches, can skew how big the center stone appears.

What details to share

Exactly how much ring details to share has been long debated even before ring selfies were a thing. Generally, we err on the side of sharing less about your ring and simply letting friends and family marvel at the good news and the ring's beauty. Sharing details of price and carat weight can lead to discussions and feelings of jealousy and comparison that take away from your special day. 

Bonus tip: We do recommend sharing anything that tells of the ring's special meaning to you. If there was inspiration behind a part of the ring, if you used a family diamond, or if you chose a certain engraving, these details are unique and sweet to share with others. 

Details to remember

Try to find natural light for the best ring selfie results. When natural light is not possible, avoid using your camera's flash as it can reflect the stone's brilliance in an unflattering way. 

Avoid using zoom for the perfect shot. Zoomed in photos often come out blurry. Avoid using the zoom feature to guarantee a crisp, high quality photo. 

Don't take a close-up table shot if you have an Asscher or emerald cut diamond. With such large, open tables, inclusions appear more obvious in these cuts. Avoid highlighting minor inclusions with a farther away photo or slightly turned angle.




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