Exploring Unique Wedding Ring Pairings

Many couples choose their wedding bands together, but you can go the extra mile and impress her by doing some research on the most unique wedding rings ahead of time. A simple ring pairs well with a sleek, cleanly-designed band, but more unique engagement rings call for an equally special band. Some of the most glamorous, romantic pairings include these unique engagement ring and wedding band combinations:

Antique and Engraved

Antique or vintage-inspired engagement rings have a sense of romance and nostalgia behind them, making them a perfect complement to an engraved wedding band. 

Whether you choose to engrave the inside of the band with a special phrase or your wedding date, or you opt for a delicately engraved pattern on the outside of the band, you can’t go wrong with this unique combination that’s completely customizable.

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Emerald with Baguettes

A beautiful emerald cut engagement ring deserves an equally striking wedding band. Baguettes are the ideal complement to emerald cuts because they are nearly identical in appearance, but baguettes are narrower and more elongated—we especially love tapered baguettes. 

The two paired together look modern and sophisticated, perfect for the bride with a unique sense of style. For even more of a statement look, have your band designed with the baguettes arranged horizontally rather than the vertical setting alignment that’s more commonly seen.

Solitaire with an Asymmetric Cluster

A diamond solitaire ring is a timeless classic, and while most people pair it with an equally classic band, why not try something more unique? Rather than a row of diamonds lying below the solitaire, try a band of a cluster of smaller diamonds that are designed to sit offset to one side. 

This pairing takes a simple design and turns it into a special, unusual piece that’s ideal for a woman who isn’t afraid to take risks with her personal style and wear the most unique wedding ring in her circle of friends. 

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Textured Metal 

While most women love the shine of gleaming platinum or gold, there are plenty of other options that make a great pairing with their smooth polished engagement ring. Hammered metals are popular in both costume and luxury jewelry, and the contrast with a smooth metal engagement ring is striking. 

For example, a hammered white gold band can make even the simplest engagement ring pop and it will add a unique look that you won’t see on every other bride. Brushed or matte metal finishes are also popular choices that make a beautiful, purposely mismatched pairing. 

Triple Stacks

Why stop at one engagement ring and one band when you can add even more sparkle to her left hand? Many brides are loving the idea of adding two wedding bands – one that lies below their engagement ring, and one that sits above it. 

This works well with band-style engagement rings but is also well suited to solitaire styles. Try pavé diamonds on the bands for an exceptionally striking look for the woman who loves the luxurious look of dripping in diamonds.


One of the most innovative designs in unique wedding rings for her is the interlocking engagement ring and wedding band combination. This pairing is designed and typically purchased together for the perfect fit.  

The band can complement the sparkle-factor of the engagement ring if it’s encrusted in pavé diamonds, or it can be a simple platinum or gold band that offsets the other diamonds perfectly and lets them stand out on their own. 

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