Are Engagement Rings The Same as Wedding Rings?

If you've found the partner for you and are considering proposing marriage, have you considered what kind of ring you'd like to get? It's customary for the proposing partner to slip an engagement ring on the finger of their beloved. This symbolizes a promise, and a wedding ring is a symbol of the commitment to that promise. Both rings are very personal and should be something that your partner will love wearing. There are so many options and so little time, so let's dive into the subject of rings. 

What Are Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, an engagement ring will have a diamond on a gold band. There are many options for the cut of the diamond, as well as for the band itself. At Cut Fine Jewelers, we have a custom ring service that allows you to design your own engagement ring. Engagement rings can range from the intricate and elaborate, to the simple and even understated. Engagement rings are about running with your imagination towards a promise of the future.

What Are Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are placed on each partner's finger during the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings can also be called wedding bands, and traditionally have a lower profile than engagement rings. Cut Fine Jewelers has a wide selection of wedding rings for men and women. Our wedding rings may have a lower profile than an engagement ring, but that doesn't mean that they're any less intricate or beautiful. Wedding rings are about celebrating a commitment to your partner, so why not make that celebration as beautiful as possible?

When approaching a significant life event such as marriage, it's important to know what you want, and to come prepared. On the day that you propose to your significant other, don't come empty-handed, come to Cut Fine Jewelers first.